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Inheritance Tax Solutions

It is no longer the case that you need to be wealthy to be affected by Inheritance Tax.

The significant rise in property values means that Inheritance Tax applies to more estates than ever before. Inheritance Tax planning is a specialist area and there is a whole range of options for the avoidance of Inheritance Tax. Some options are straightforward but increasingly some options are highly technical and employment of a Financial Adviser to provide guidance though this financial maze is highly recommended.

You can use our Inheritance Tax Solution Helper to find the best solution for you.

Key Skills

  • We take a holistic approach to IHT planning ensuring we have a full understanding of each client’s circumstances and financial position.
  • We assist our client in fully understanding the extent of their potential IHT liability.
  • We consider the client’s personal objectives and needs, pre-IHT objective.
  • We consider the client’s desire for access to, control, flexibility and income from capital
  • We consider all non Financial Planning solutions to mitigate this liability
  • We investigate the various specialist IHT mitigation plans (Scrutton Bland Ltd have a range of 12-15 different solutions)
  • We review and comment on existing financial arrangements and identify possible problems or opportunities
  • We ask questions and gather data. Years of experience of dealing with clients and financial institutions provide the knowledge of what questions to ask in order to get the right answers.
  • We interpret and analyse information

Do you want to make a gift of capital/income?

Inheritance Tax Solutions
IHT Solutions Helper Will you have to pay Inheritance Tax?

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