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Pension Investment

After the family home, a person’s pension fund is often their next most significant asset.

Pension advice needs to cover a wide range of options including existing plans and potential new arrangements. This has become a complex area, requiring specialist advice. A Financial Adviser can help you choose the most appropriate self invested pension and then help in selecting a suitable investment strategy to meet your requirements.

Key Skills

  • We take a holistic approach to Pension Investment ensuring we have a full understanding of each client’s circumstances and financial position.
  • We assist our client in fully understanding their future retirement needs.
  • We consider the client’s personal objectives and needs, pre-and post pension objective.
  • We consider the client’s desire for access to, control, flexibility and income from pensions and other capital
  • We consider all non Financial Planning solutions
  • We investigate the whole range of pension options, including Stakeholder, Personal Pensions, RAPs, SIPPs, EPPs, SSASs, Group schemes and Final Salary schemes.
  • We review and comment on existing financial arrangements and identify possible problems or opportunities
  • We ask questions and gather data. Years of experience of dealing with clients and financial institutions provide the knowledge of what questions to ask in order to get the right answers.
  • We interpret and analyse information
  • We assess benefits of consolidation of existing plans
  • We consider clients’ appetite for risk
  • We apply appropriate investment strategy to underlying pension funds
Budget Planner

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